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Over February and March 2023, we will be releasing a series of podcasts, featuring different voices on forced migration. Our guests will include:

  • our artist, Diana Forster and experts on the history of WWII and Polish displacement in this era
  • younger generations of the Polish exile community who settled in Scotland after World War II
  • photojournalists, such as Diana Muminovic, with lived experience of forced migration
  • researchers in intercultural studies and migration, such as Lina Fadel and Alison Phipps
  • authors and campaigners such as Dina Nayeri and Waheed Arian
  • and, of course, voices of forced migrants themselves, such as Hanna Dushkova, recently arrived in Scotland from Ukraine

We will publish our podcasts through the Visualising War and Peace podcast. You can also reach them via the links below.