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Listen, because I’m begging you to

    Throughout history, 
    we have always had some conquest 
    in mind. 
    Nation building, Russification, Sinicization 
    Manifest Destiny, Colonialism: 
    God gave me this land.  
    We can sit and deliberate on left 
    or right, west or east, us or them. 
    But they are us, we are them 
    we fight for separate similar goals. 
    I hate them. Their always harming, 
    always self-victimizing, taking, 
    stealing, pillaging. They need to be stopped. 
    It makes me want to join 
    It makes me want to stop 
    It makes me seize, scream, 
    gasp for air and cling at 
    what humanity we had left. 
    You need to fight  
    you need to stop 
    and think, analyse  
    what and why. 
    Who am I, who are you? 
    Do you know your own face? 
    Do you know whose faces they were? 
    Do you hide, sulk in shadow, too afraid 
    of what you’ve done? A bastardisation  
    of bravery you promote. 
    Ill tell you why you should listen to me. 
    Listen because I’m begging you to. 
    I want you to breathe, to eat, to feel the bitter  
    cold of winter and the infernos of summer.  
    I want you to live and love, 
    A gift given to us 
    Through existence. 
    Throughout history, 
    We always felt. 
    We always lived. 
    We always loved.
    Saph Forsyth

    This poem by Saph Forsyth was written in response to Diana Forster’s artwork Somewhere to Stay

    With thanks to Nik Perring and Never Such Innocence for facilitating workshops to help young people across Fife to explore forced migration and the wider legacies of war through art and poetry.