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    Barbed brick holds up the sky,
    About as inviting as a rat.
    Grey and hard, it lacks a rat’s 
    Softness and yet, we placed
    A welcome mat over the threshold.

    Each day we were trooped into the clustered
    Firs and pines, stalwart and cold,
    Indignantly spitting bark in our faces
    As we wrestled them to the ground.

    We called this our job,
    And returned to hard bunks
    And called it home. A pale caricature
    Of normality.

    Winter fell on us, not in great flurries,
    But more subtle, granting us a dragon’s breath,
    And stiff red fingers.
    A cherry nose blossomed on my brother’s face,
    It contrasted horribly with the peachy fuzz
    Over his top lip.

    New Years Day and his lips were blue.
    That evening he slept with the great firs,
    And became deathly brittle in the night. 

    This poem by a student at Bell Baxter High School was written in response to Diana Forster’s artwork Somewhere to Stay

    With thanks to Nik Perring and Never Such Innocence for facilitating workshops to help young people across Fife to explore forced migration and the wider legacies of war through art and poetry.